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Why Me?

My vision is to help awaken the innate brilliance of one million people before my time on this planet is done.

My personal purpose is to "help humanity live a life of purpose, free from fear & with the opportunity to learn every day" & my core values are "Trust, Growth, Collaboration & Communication."

My personal purpose & my core values reinforce my true North & give me meaning, so if any of those 3 focus areas and/or values resonate with you, all of which underpin directly The Listening Organisation and any associated interpersonal workshops, please do get in touch so that we can discuss your potential needs further.   



With over 20 years of commercial experience, > 15 years of which within international sales & marketing including the past 4 years in the people space, I offer a passionate, caring & entrepreneurial approach to people solutions.

This is further reinforced by my chartered membership of the CIPD, level 7 certification is Organisational Design & Development and level 5 certification in Learning & Development. 

I am deeply passionate about playing my part in ensuring that the future of work is increasingly just, inclusive & sustainable and I truly feel that this is only possible if we start from a place of re-humanising ourselves & the world of work.


back story

 My name is Garry Turner and as an adult white male, only recently have I learned about what this most natural accidents of birth means with regards to privilege.

My desire to target the most human aspects of work i.e. the human experience or HX, comes in part from my own lived experiences such as being bullied physically (as a teenager) & mentally (at work in a previous role), self-harming & a mental health challenge, all of which I kept to myself, as we men especially do, until this year in 2018.

We all have a story of some description, but so often that story takes us away from our natural state of well-being, our in-built state of resourcefulness and from our reservoir of untapped potential, whilst at times causing us to make judgements based on mis-information, fear or a closed mind. 

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