THE business case for the LISTENING ORGANISATION

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human-centred organisational design


Moving from traditional top-down, command & control structures to something more inclusive & progressive can be difficult from the 'inside-out,' culturally or due to a lack of perceived time/will.

Intentional, deeply human-centred cross-functional workshops are offered to help you step into that deeply trusted, inclusive, sustainable, higher-performing version of yourself.

sales strategy & development


Historically many organisations have targeted sales on a win/lose, market share gaining basis, whilst 'staring in the rear-view mirror' at what the competition are doing.

Trust-based, co-creative, inter-dependent, yet fully stakeholder aligned sales strategies are increasingly sought, especially as humans increasingly augment technology.  

Does a 48% increase in sales & 42% increase in margin over 3 years appeal? (with zero M&A or additional headcount) 

leadership 'SAFE spaces'


Executive committees & senior leaders have an increasingly diverse & complex range of topics on their plate today, more than ever within this fast -paced, regularly-changing world that we all operate within.

Leadership 'safe spaces' are created to allow busy senior leaders the time and space to connect with peers, within and/or outside of their own work organisation, to aid innovation, reflection & personal development.

internal networking & connectivity


With the advent of technology, increases in flexible & remote working & the increased risk of loneliness & disconnection, more than ever before, extreme busyness is causing many organisations to remain heavily silo'd.

Intentionally designed to fuel cross-functional collaboration and co-creation, inclusive, human-centred workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs & outcomes.

Learning & development workshops


Whilst learning & development functions are appreciated, they at times lack evidenced, transferable impact into the real world of work.

Bespoke, human-centred learning & development strategy formation & workshop development is offered to meet your exacting business needs.

Could involving & engaging more of your own people in your L&D strategy, saving you organisation > £100k over 2 years, be of interest?



Helping people find their own answers to business challenges & improvement via coaching is a well evidenced, human-centred intervention.

Unlike most tools, the GC index measures proclivity, or natural energy, keeping people out of 'boxes.' 

As a trained GCOlogist myself, I am pleased to serve individuals, teams & leaders with coaching support, but also benefit from an affiliate network of executive & team coaches.

The listening organisation's human-centred approach