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The Listening Organisation Introduction

Reflections following the recent Dec 2018 Drucker Forum



GC Index GCOlogist Personality profile assessment culture trust team-work teamwork game-changer

I truly believe that every single one of us has the capability to make a difference in the world bigger than ourselves.

Some ways to support this include via face to face or virtual 1-1 coaching, peer to peer coaching & peer to peer mentoring interventions, all of which are available to help you free the potential of both individuals & organisations alike.

As a certified GCOlogist, the GC Index profiling tool can be used to aid individual & team diagnostics.

Unlike most tools, the GC index measures proclivity, or natural energy, keeping people out of 'boxes.'

internal networking & connectivity

Human Experience HX The Listening Organisation Case Study Evidence Trust Journey Human Resource

Through the use of my > 15 years international sales & marketing skills coupled with my purpose to serve people to the best version of themselves, I enjoy working with individuals, teams & organisations to break down silos, free up communication & creativity & to truly re-humanise the workplace.

One such example over a 3 year period (2016-2018) can be seen above.

For those interested in ROI, I propose a shift of focus to look at what incremental value can be co-created by designing work around our people & trusting that they have unlimited potential i.e truly HX focused

To evidence  the value of this approach, one client journey outlined above has resulted in sales increasing 48% & margins 43% between 2016 & 2018, with 2018 looking to be their best year on record for both sales & margin, all via purely organic means i.e zero M&A & zero additional headcount.