THE business case for the LISTENING ORGANISATION

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human-centred organisational design


Intentional, deeply human-centred organisational design tailored to your context is offered to help you develop the agility, access to employee voice to fuel innovation and to make the most of those salaries that you are already investing in.

sales strategy & development


Trust-based, co-creative, inter-dependent, yet fully stakeholder aligned sales strategies are increasingly sought, especially as humans increasingly augment technology.  

Does a >40% increase in sales & 40% increase in margin over a 3 year period appeal? (with zero M&A or additional headcount) 

Please do get in touch if it does.

leadership 'SAFE spaces'


Leadership 'safe spaces' are created to allow busy senior leaders the time and space to connect with peers, within and/or outside of their own work organisation, to aid innovation, reflection, personal development and in turn performance.

keynote talks


Keynote talks delivered include topics such as:

Inter-departmental partnerships

Vulnerability as a strength

The future of work



Bespoke, tailored human-centred learning & development strategy formation & workshop development is offered to meet your exacting business needs.

Could involving & engaging more of your own people in your L&D strategy, saving you organisation > £100k over 2 years, be of interest?

Please do get in contact if it is.



Helping people find their own answers to business challenges & improvement via coaching is a well evidenced, human-centred intervention.

Unlike most tools, the GC index measures proclivity, or natural energy, keeping people out of 'boxes.' 

As a trained GCOlogist myself, I am pleased to serve individuals, teams & leaders with coaching support, but also benefit from an affiliate network of executive & team coaches.

The listening organisation's human-centred approach